Shamanic Endeavors

                                                  ~ Shamanic Endeavors ~


Services Available


  • Intuitive Readings (w/ Cards, Crystals, Runes, Charms, & The Native American Medicine Wheel)
  • Mediumship
  • Energy Healings / Chakra Balancing / Energy Chelation
  • Intensive Karmic Cord Release
  • Shamanic Reiki (Healings and Attunements~ Classes I , II , III available)
  • Home, Office, Sacred Space Clearing / Ritual Blessings
  • Mindfulness Meditation / Life Skills Support / Spiritual Counseling 
  • Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval and Healing Shamanic Journeywork
  • Intuitive Jewelry Design (Includes Shamanic Journey, Intuitive Reading, Metaphysical discussion of Crystals and muscle testing technique, and custom jewelry piece.)

    Some Commonly Asked Questions:
  •  What type of Readings are given?    Your choice! Offered reading can include: Oracle cards and Tarot, Charmed Divinatory Readings, Native American Medicine Wheel Readings, Various Intuitive Card Spreads. Runic Readings, Scrying, and Aura Readings are modalities of divination which are available for you to choose, as well. Hourly, online readings' donation is suggested beginning at $75
  • What is Shamanic Reiki? Hands On Healing and Shamanic methods of energy work complement each other well. Using the Usui System of Reiki, adding Crystals, Essential Oils, Sacred Instruments & receives a very rich, fulfilling and Colorful Reiki Session! Power Animal Retrieval, Receiving a Personal Symbol in this session and Sound Healing are aspects of what Shamanic Reiki encompasses. Hourly Session donation begins at $80 
  • ~ Shamanic Reiki Attunements which are weekend long courses with personal practice are available. Level I through III ~ begins at $111 - $333
  • What is Receiving a Mediumship Session like? - Through trancework, contacting our ancestors.. those who have departed is a beautiful way to receive confirmation of the connection which is alive between you and the ones who are on the otherside. During a Spiritual Counseling session discussion will be held for residual grief issues and supportive sharing from the Mediumship session. Hourly Session donation is suggested at $100
  • What is Soul Retrieval?   ~ Soul Retrieval is a beautiful session. It is a Shamanic Healing modality bringing awareness and healing to the present self through healing any fragments in the energy body, due to any traumas of the past. Gentle 'Hands-on-healing work,' coupled with Journeywork brings forth healing those pieces of oneself to make for wholeness and strength within. The Session of Soul Retrieval can be 2-3 hours of beautiful Work, discussion, processing and Reiki. This can be an online, distance healing session. Pricing of Soul Retrieval Work session begins at $100 donation
  • What is Power Animal Retrieval? - In Journeywork Together, which can be done online - we travel through the Medicine Wheel to unearth which Totem is working for you now and the directional support also with the Totems who arise. Thorough description shared of the Power Medicine working for you now and how to utilize the energy in a practical, day to day way! This session can be done online. A 30 minute Session begins at ~$55 donation
  • What is Karmic Cord Release?  This is a beautiful session where one is invited to meditate upon each Chakra (energetic centers within the physical & etheric body) and release the past/negative beliefs/connection to someone/a relationship who, perhaps is not supportive or life-giving. Guidance, love and encouragement is given as any energy which no longer serves is released and handed to a Source/Being of Light. Now, being plugged into the Light source of life-giving energy, no longer will you be connected to a source which is depleting you. Long distance healing or 'hands-on' work (if in person) will be sent to you for this amazing release work. Suggested donation is $100.

    A special Note: Is this healing work too 'New Age' or even perhaps not in alignment with my Religion?
    All types of belief systems are supported with Holistic Healing, no matter if you are religious, Spiritual, into Metaphysics, or none of thee mentioned. The focus is about your wellness and for you to enjoy your life, in freedom and MORE FULLY than ever before.  

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1 Hour Online and/or Phone Readings of Tarot, Cards, Runes, Charms or Crystals ~ $75 donation

 1 Hour Mediumship Reading ~$100 donation

30 Minute Online/Phone Reading ~ $55 Donation  

Soul Retrieval Session and Spiritual Guidance ~ 1-2 hour session Starting at $150 donation

Long Distance Healings and Guided Shamanic Journeywork with intuitive readings are available online or Phone starting at $88 donation for an hour session

Intuitive Jewelry Design (Includes Shamanic Journey, Intuitive Reading, Metaphysical discussion of Crystals and muscle testing technique and Custom Made Jewelry based on intuitive guidance will be created) starting at $80 donation

INTERfaith Ministries Ceremony ~

  • Birth Rituals
  • Coming of Age Celebrations or Red Tent Retreats
  • Goddess Circles
  • Sacred Drum Circles for Groups
  • New Home/Office Blessings
  • Releasing the Past, Rituals for New Beginnings
  • Rites for the Dying, Memorials and Grief Counseling 
  • Would like a ceremony for something not mentioned here? Contact me to speak about your vision!

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